The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest users of water. This industry also generates large amounts of contaminated water ( Flowback and Produced Water), which needs to be processed and treated for recycling and reuse back into the operations. Oftentimes, a fresh water source can be scarce and/or expensive furthermore, ever evolving and maturing environmental discharge standards and regulations will begin to drive the use of advanced technologies to keep producers competitive. As a result, Clear Water Plasma offers innovative technology solutions using Pulsed Plasma Fusion Reactors to recycle flowback and produced water. As a low energy user, Fusion technology has edge over nearest competitors, can offer cost effective on site treatment solution at a high flow rate.

1. Bacterial Disinfection: Bacterial Disinfection: Flow back and produced water contains sulfur reducing and acid producing bacteria, which are notorious for causing corrosion and clogging wellbores.
2. Scale-Causing Mineral Precipitation: Depending on the shale play, flow back and produced water vary in their mineral content, which can result in scaling, plugged pipes and a reduction in the oil or gas production.
3. Heavy Metal Oxidation: The presence of heavy metals like iron, magnesium, etc. in the flow back water makes it unfit for recycling in hydraulic-fracturing as they interfere with the chemicals used in the process.

Clear Water Plasma offers the Fusion Reactor Cabinet unit for recycling and reusing the flow back and produced water for hydraulic-fracturing. In the treatment process, water is disinfected, scale-causing minerals are precipitated, and heavy metals are oxidized irrespective of the salinity of the water. Waters processed with fusion technology can be safely used in hydraulic fracturing.

Similarly, Hydrogen Sulfide gas contaminated water held in storage ponds create a foul, rotten egg smell.

Industrial Wastewater


Effluent wastewater from an industrial facility may carry a broad range of contaminants, including BOD, COD, color, sanitary waste, phenols, cyanides, heavy metals and a host of other complex chemicals. CWP’s advanced Electro-Oxidation Technology has the potential to treat a wide range of industrial waste through the production of multiple oxidants/radicals during the treatment process.

The strength and power of the hyper-advanced oxidation process can be used for the reduction of BOD, COD, heavy metals, TOC and the destruction of organics. Potential industries that may benefit from Electro-Oxidation Technology include refineries, pharmaceutical, textile, automotive, foundry, dairy, vegetable processing, beer and wine, fruit processing plants etc.

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Easy to handle, portable
  • No major hazardous by products
  • Silent operation

Food: Produce & Poultry

Food Produce and Poultry

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on food safety, especially on the methods used to reduce and eliminate pathogens from fresh produce. With the worldwide rise in consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, incidents of food borne illness have also seriously increased. Water treated through CWP’s Electro-Oxidation Process contains oxidants which may then be utilized for sanitizing produce, specifically in rinsing and washing. Being non-selective, these super oxidants kill most of the bacteria and viruses on the surface of fruits and vegetables. There are no health or environmental concerns regarding any by-products of rinsing or cleaning with water treated by the Electro-Oxidation technology.

High flow rate irrigation water can be processed through the CWP’s Electro-Oxidation reactor unitsfor bacteria disinfection. To simplify the integration of a AP technology Units into an existing or future process, Clear Water Plasma has developed a broad range of scalable skid models to fit nearly every application.

  • Disinfection of Process Water
  • Produce Washing and Rinsing
  • Water Recycling
  • No harmful by-products

Hospital Waste Water Treatment System


Wastewater from a hospital facility may carry a broad range of contaminants, including harmful bacteria, fecal coliforms, BOD, COD, pharmaceutical substrates, hormones, biologically hazardous organics etc... It also contains traces of cleaning chemicals which are used in keeping hospitals sterilized. Current technology in this area primarily uses a biological reactor to disintegrate the contaminants and then release the water into the city sewer system.

CWP’s AP12 Electro-Oxidation technology is tested at University of Illinois for Endocrine substrate destruction and bacteria disinfection. CWP’s Electro-Oxidation technology has demonstrated 99% reduction in pharmaceuticals in waste water and over log 5 reductions in bacterial count.
CWP’s Electro-Oxidation process generates multiple oxidants directly in the effluent to oxidize and precipitates the contaminants in the form of inert particles. This is a chemical free oxidation technology and uses only electricity as its primary consumable.

  • Field proven, robust
  • Easy operation
  • Non-chemical

Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower

CWP’s Electro-Oxidation technology is a valuable tool for both bacterial disinfection (Biofouling) and the precipitation of scale causing minerals in the treatment processes of industrial and utility cooling water systems. When properly applied, a significant improvement in operational efficiency due to increased heat transfer can be expected. Additional benefits include improved environmental impact by reduced chemical blow-down and an overall reduction in on-going chemical costs along with a reduction in system corrosion attributed to the elimination chemical biocides.

Research indicates that the Electro-precipitation process occurs in the reactor reducing the concentrations of scale causing minerals in the flow so that they will not form a scale in the pipe or on the heat transfer surface. Precipitated minerals do not go back to solution under normal operating conditions and remain in suspension as an inert particle. These are removed from the process before the processed water enters loop again. Scale inhibition, disinfection and prevention of biofouling are threemain features of the CWP’s advanced Electro-Oxidation technology.

  • Non-chemical
  • Low cost, reliable, modular
  • Prevents biofouling
  • Prevents scale formation



CWP has many years of experience and performance on disinfection of biological elements in the effluent. In Aquaculture industry, main issues of the water are, bacteria/ viruses that effects aquatic animals. Also, ammonia and Nitrates produced over a period of time needs to be processed as well.

CWP’s Advanced Electro oxidation process allows to treat and process the effluent directly in the reactor to address these issues.
Addition of Nanobubbles in the treatment process enhances the oxidation process and allows the breakdown Ammonia and reduction of Nitrates effectively. The addition of oxygen gas in the process increases the efficiency of disinfection and increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the waterbody. The end result is exceptional water quality, which is a fundamental requirement for intensive fish farming.

  • Non-chemical
  • Small foot print
  • Silent operation, < 50db
  • Increases dissolved oxygen

Color/Dye Removal

Color Dye Removal

CWP’s Electro-Oxidation Process generates multiple oxidants in the effluent using special geometry electrodes. These Oxidants are then utilized to oxidize organic and inorganic contaminants in the treatment reactor. The multitudes of oxidants generated in the electro-oxidation process continuously break down the color causing chemicals often present in the effluents generated by dye manufacturers, textile mills, pharmaceutical factories and other industries.

In certain effluent where odor is a major issue, CWP’s Electro-Oxidation process can be applied to treat effluent to remove the odor. Addition of Nano bubbles in the treatment process also enhances the treatment process and allows to improve color and odor of the effluent.

  • Non-selective, fast, compact and modular
  • Works in conjunction with existing set up
  • Easy to handle
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Electricity is the only major consumable

The Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Clear Water Plasma offers the mining industry customized and sustainable technology solutions to help recycle and reuse water, minimize waste and reduce life-cycle costs. The goal of using the Electro-Oxidation Reactor is to retrieve precious metals, disintegrate all environmentally harmful chemicals and recycle used water back into the process. Clear Water Plasma can design and offer technology solutions to the mining industry for remote sites. Water from tailing thickeners can be processed in the CWP’s AP Electro-Oxidation Reactor for the oxidation of harmful chemicals such as Cyanides, Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX) etc… and allows mine owners to reuse/recycle the treated water back in their process instead of releasing untreated water into the environment.

  • Coal Seam Gas Water Treatment
  • Acid Mine (Rock) Drainage
  • Tailings Dam and Impounded Water Treatment
  • Specific Contaminant Removal and Recovery
  • Mobile Treatment Services