Aqua Pulsar 48 Unit

AP48 uses simply electricity to generate multi-oxidants directly in the water.
  • No need of chemicals
  • No need of corrosive Ozone gas
  • No need of Chlorine Di-Oxide
  • Safe to operate: safe on equipment and process piping
  • No risk of corrosion on process equipment
Our AP48 is a Skid-based Electro-Chemical Oxidation system, with eight reaction cells, operating at up to 2000A / 24V (48KWSystem). AP48 generates oxidants directly in the water, usingspecial geometry electrodes and proprietary mixed metal oxidecoating electrodes. Rated for 10 bpm (420 gallons per min), depending oninlet water quality and needs, rates can be much higher.
AP48 is for Bacterial Disinfection, Algae Control, Polymer Degradation, Precipitation of Scale-Causing Minerals, Oxidationof Heavy Metals in Oilfield Waters (incl. Produced Water, Disposal,Flooding, Frac Flow back, and Re-Use Pits), and Bilge Water Treatment.


  • Skid based unit 6Ft X 6Ft X 7Ft(H)
  • Rated up to 15 BBL per min flow rate
  • DC Power rating up to 48KW
  • Fully Automated PLC controls with HMI screen
  • Eight Electrodes on twin reactor
  • Fully self-sufficient and need to supply only electric power and water to the unit
  • Low Operating cost since need only electricity
  • Effective on most challenging water
  • Modular and flexible design and also offer high flow rate treatment capabilities
  • Low maintenance and broad utility
  • Uses SIMPLY ELECTRICITY …No Safety and Environmental Issues, No Oilfield Chemicals, No Ozone, No Dioxy-chlorine, No Other Special Reagents or Fresh H2O
  • Extra large electrode surface area bolsters total current and electrolysis efficiency; and maximizes precipitation of divalent cations; optimal plate geometry enhances generation of all conventional oxidants (ex. O3, H2O2, OH, hypochlorite, hypo-bromide); enables higher efficiency;propriety electrode coating composition yields additional,highly-reactive oxidants and other free-radicals (water specific)
  • Low-maintenance, self-cleaning electrodes; self-cleaning reactor
  • Compact, modular, lightweight, versatile
  • No moving parts
  • Modular and scalable design, for higher flow rate
  • Consistent quality
  • Automatic PLC controls with data logging
  • Effective on all types of water
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Operator safe and environmentally friendly
  • Significantly lower cost