Centrifuge Separator AQUA300

Clear Water Plasma offers Aqua300 Vertical Centrifuge Separator system for the removal of suspended solids and lighter specific gravity liquids from a diverse range of effluents.
Suspended solids are the main cause of concern and performance limitations for existing water purification systems. Also, the majority of the food and beverage industry relies on passive filtration for the removal of suspended solids, which is very tedious and labor intensive. The AQUA300 is a mechanical centrifuge separator designed for separating different specific gravity fluids by a continuous mechanical separation of lighter specific gravity liquids along with higher specific gravity liquids and solids. A high G force (Up to 6000G) is used to separate solids and different specific gravity liquids efficiently in a manner that is easy to control. Depending on the particular configuration, the AQUA300 centrifuge may be used to separate a wide range of different solids and liquids on a continuous basis.
  • Vertical Centrifuge Separator single module
  • Rated for up to 300GPM flow rate
  • For solid-liquid-liquid (gas) separation
  • Provides centrifugal force required for sedimentation of the solids
  • A VFD provides precise control of speed range for separating different types of fluids
  • Precise operational control, low operating cost and high reliability


  • Motor with VFD control. Optimum performance with very precise RPM control.
  • Solid collected in first annulus chamber discharged at a controlled discharge rate. HMI screen allows the operator to time sediment discharge.
  • Light specific gravity discharge is controlled by a set of convergent nozzles. The nozzles are selected on the basis of the specific gravity difference.
  • The average G-force varies from 2200~5700 at different location of the centrifuge.
  • Fully automatic operation with the sensors and automatic control valves.
  • For higher flow rate multiple units can be coupled on a single skid.