Electro-Oxidation Technology

CWP’s Electro-oxidation is an electrochemical process in which oxidation reactions occur by applying an electric field between Non-sacrificial electrodes, generating multiple oxidants directly in the effluent for oxidation of organic and inorganic contaminants.
On the anode surface pH will approach 2, where oxidants are created due to excess currents. On the Cathode surface the pH will approach 12 generating reducing agents.
Advancement and research in electronics and materials have enabled CWP to offer an Electro-Oxidation process with significantly improved performance, safety and cost effective technology.
With Special geometry electrodes and reactor design allows to treat effluent regardless of salinity. CWP has demonstrated the efficacy and reliability of their commercial units on several types field applications.


Cost Effective Treatment Process
No additional chemicals needed to treatment
Compact Installation/ Operation on Demand.


CWP’s Electro-oxidation technology can be used for removal of:
• Active pharmaceutical compounds: estrogen, cortisone, antibiotics, EDCs
• Elimination of bacteria, viruses and parasites
• Soluble organic matter
• Color and odor
• Nitrogen compounds (nitrate, ammonia)
• Specific toxins: CN, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, phenols, fungicides.
• BTEX and PAHs
• Sulfides, thiols and amines
• Free cyanide and inorganic cyanohydrins
• Volatile or semi-volatile Hydrocarbons
• Many of persistent organic compounds
• Bacteria disinfection
• BTEX and PAHs