Pulse Plasma Technology

Clear Water Plasma believes in establishing and reaffirming responsible business practices that are environmentally friendly and economically sustainable. Our overriding goal is to offer advanced water treatment technologies with a positive social impact. We draw on a wealth of knowledge from years of integrated research, experimentation, and growth.
Specifically, we produce a unique, state of the art “Fusion” water processing technology, which is helping to shape a new generation of green, low power consumption water treatments. We license, design, develop, and manufacture water treatment solutions for both large-scale and sustainable applications across diverse industries.
Clear Water Plasma is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations through cutting-edge patented technologies, personalized customer interaction, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

How it works

Clear Water Plasma has developed a patent pending technology in which a Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC) high voltage energy pulse is delivered directly into contaminated water at a controlled frequency. This energy pulse initiates primary and secondary electron avalanches which produce multiple oxidants (like OH, H, O, O3 and H2O2) and simultaneously creates high intensity UV radiation measuring between 60nm and 300nm. During the discharge of the pulse, an acoustic and hydrosonic shock wave travels through the reactor at 3 to 4 times Mach speed.

CWP’s Electro-oxidation technology can be used for removal of:
1) A high voltage pulsed discharge is induced directly in the effluent stream generating multiple oxidants and radicals such as OH, O, H, O3, H2O2, etc.
2) Aggressive oxidant species are nonselective and oxidize all contaminants in the effluent.
3) A high intensity UV light released during the process is used for bacteria disinfection.
4) The high energy pulse generates a hydrosonic wave which creates acoustic cavitation. Bacteria colony clusters are then broken down because they have been exposed to oxidants and UV radiation.
5) Direct energy input into the water results in a high efficiency energy transfer as compared to conventional processes, thus reducing the overall operating cost per gallon.
6) Scale-causing minerals are precipitated and removed from the water, thus inhibiting scaling.
7) Without the use of biocides, the process results in effective biofouling control.