Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading global innovator, developer and provider of the latest state of the art, advanced water treatment technologies, systems, and services. We will strive to improve our customer's bottom line through using new technology to improve production, reduce costs and developing new applications. As a team, we will achieve aggressive growth and fair return for our shareholders. We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers, increasing customer profit margins and preserving the quality of the environment.

Mr. Sanjeev Jakhete

Mr. Sanjeev Jakhete is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Clear Water Plasma LLC with over twenty two years of engineering and project management experience. Mr. Jakhete has developed proprietary, chemical free water treatment technologies for processing the most challenging water streams using simply electricity. His expertise excels at developing laboratory based concepts into economically viable, commercial products.
Under his leadership, Clear Water Plasma has successfully launched the AP48, a standalone hyper oxidation water treatment system for the Oil and Gas industry and various other water industries. Mr. Jakhete holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineer and Class I Marine Chief Engineer Certification. Mr. Jakhete has received on behalf of Clear Water Plasma numerous US and International patents and patent pending rights on the core proprietary technology for water treatment.

Mr. Shashi Mehrotra

Mr. Shashi Mehrotra, CFA, serves as the Chief Investment Officer and President at Legend Advisory Corporation at The Legend Group, Inc. Mr. Mehrotra previously served as an Executive Vice President at Legend Advisory Corporation. He has 17 years of experience, having served as an Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for the last five years. Mr. Mehrotra is a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence to the field of investment management. He serves as a Member of the Investment Management Committee at GenSpring Family Offices, LLC. Mr. Mehrotra is a Member of the CFA Institute and the South Florida Financial Analyst Society. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Mr. Mehrotra received a Master of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University in 1994.
As an advisor to CWP, Mr. Mehrotra will be assisting with strategic financial and critical investment decisions to provide maximum growth and create positive value for the company.